Hello! I’m Ellie, a twenty-something year old MA English student, amateur cook, plant guardian, and tea enthusiast, with many things to say, and even more things to write.


Originally from a fairly small town close to London, I currently attend the University of Reading where I am completing my studies, and where I live, laugh, and stress like a true student does.

I created Live and Let Chai as a place to share my knowledge, be that what I’ve learnt through my studies, or through life, be it food, plants, travel, books and so much more. But beyond this, I write about things that have personally affected me in my path through adulthood – self-confidence, the highs and lows, feminism, and balancing life and the stresses that come with it.

This blog is both my way of communicating this knowledge to you and a reason to keep myself motivated – expand my horizons in food, books, travel and so much more so I can continue to share what I learn.

As I said, I am an unabashed plant and tea fanatic, with a curious (unrelated) ability to create quite good food. You’ll probably find me either tending my plants, wishing I was doing something creative… Or drinking tea. And sometimes coming up with new recipes. Often both.

See you soon!

Feel free to contact me through my contact page!