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Why can’t I write anything? Writer’s block?

So, I’ve been doing a bit of research into this. A little bit of context and I’ll share what conclusions my own experience and research have brought me to.

When I created this blog, I had a mid-year resolution – It’s better late than never, so I’m going to start writing down what I’m passionate about, what interests me, and how I would incorporate those things into my life, and by extension, share those things with whoever decides to read about it. Of course, since then, my reasons for writing have changed slightly; it became a question of motivation.

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If I can motivate myself to write a blog post, then I can motivate my self to start that assignment, or try that new recipe that’s been brewing in my mind for a while, or try out a new creative venture that I could perhaps write about later. That seems like a good plan, right? Doable, surely.

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Student Guide: Meningitis – The Vaccine and Staying Safe.

(Written for The Spark Newspaper – Adapted for the blog)


I had originally written this for my University’s newspaper, which I will link to as soon as the article is published, but, for now, here is a useful guide to getting the meningitis vaccine, to ensure a safe and healthy start to your university life.

In the excitement of A-Level results, and getting your place at university, there are surely many things on your mind: Securing your accommodation, what to buy and what to pack, getting ready for Freshers’, and being preoccupied with what university life will bring. It is a significant step in your life and with all those things in mind, it would not be surprising if vaccinations are at the bottom of your list of things to do, if they made the list in the first place. But, with Freshers coming up, let me tell you why it should be there. Continue reading “Student Guide: Meningitis – The Vaccine and Staying Safe.”